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$45.00 - Le Petit Saigon - | $211.81 - Shoppers Drug Mart - | $83.83 - Munro's Books - | $17.87 - Whisk - | $144.25 - Shoppers Drug Mart - | $4 - Value Village - Mimmi | $45.26 - Very Good Butchers - Jacquie | $40.28 - Value Village - nuori | $61.00 - Pagliacci's - Annie | $145.59 - New Balance Victoria - Daniel | $289.98 - Oxford - Daniel | $17.82 - thrifty's james bay - Phil | $48 - Skinnakers liquor store - Sheryl | $187 - Opus Framing & Art Supplies - Sheryl | $344 - Got Junk - Sheryl | $70 - Studio Rose - Carrie | $58 - Foo - jojo | $35 - Whistle Buoy Brewery - jojo | $10 - Perverted ice cream - jojo | $18.88 - Rogers' Chocolates - | $22.59 - Rogers' Chocolates - Chocoholic | $97 - 10 Acres - | $288 - Mango’s - | $68.25 - Little Blue House by Hatley - KG | $25.76 - Bamboo Beads and Bling - Candice | $33.34 - Island Poke - Rach | $5.04 - Habit Coffee - Chinatown - Rach | $83.61 - Triple Spiral - Candice | $8.91 - Dutch Bakery & Coffee Shop Ltd. - Michèle | $83.61 - Triple Spiral - Candicr | $5.46 - Hey Happy Coffee - Rach | $27.99 - Capital Iron Ltd. - Rach | $48.14 - Street Jeanswear - Rach | $4.19 - Shoppers Drug Mart - Yajuu-san | $20.16 - Games Workshop - Yajuu-san | $73.52 - Games Workshop - Yajuu-san | $42.00 - Robinson's Outdoor Store - | $42.00 - Island Breaststrokers Dragon Boat team - | $34.99 - Café Mela (at the Belvedere) - pinky |

Downtown Victoria Is Open & Needs Your Help!

It’s been an unforgettable and unprecedented year. As Downtown Victoria re-opens for business, local shop owners need your help to make more sales, so that they can keep providing the great products and services we all love.

As you head out safely to go shopping, add your purchases to the Support-O-Meter to show how you’ve helped Save the Sales! Each “pledge” you make in our virtual telethon gives you an entry to WIN YOUR PURCHASE, up to $100. A new winner is announced on our Facebook page every Wednesday!

Not convinced yet? How does $5,000 sound? On the 30th of September, we’ll be announcing the lucky winner of our grand prize. The more businesses you support and submit to our Support-O-Meter, the more chances you have to win!

So, let’s all show our collective love for downtown, and Save the Sales together!

Show your support for downtown businesses!

Add your information into all four fields below to enter our contest! If you just want to show your support, but don't care about entering the contest, you can submit without your email address (with or without your name).

Start to type the business, and the name should appear automagically. If it doesn't, just type in your business and keep groovin' through the form.

(Please be honest! Every little bit adds up to make a huge difference!)


(Feel free to create a pseudonym or leave this blank if you're skittish!)

(We promise to NEVER add you to an email list without permission. This is only for contest purposes.)

Look at all that traffic heading down to pick up the Sega Genesis video game or a pair of Reebok “Pumps”!

Downtown Victoria Is
Re-Open For Business!

As Downtown Victoria businesses re-open, our community has united under the proposition to be kind, be calm, and be safe.

There are hundreds of businesses responsibly opening for business again in Downtown Victoria. To help you Save the Sales, we have compiled a list of each downtown Victoria business that is open again.

Find the businesses you’ve been missing, check to ensure they are one of the re-opened locations, and support our local economy by spending there instead (and don’t forget to submit your “pledge” to our Support-O-Meter above for a chance to win your purchases value in cash*!)

Open with care.

Downtown Victoria is a place like no other, full of life, beauty, creativity, and bravery. We love our home, and everyone who lives here wants to take care of it in any way possible.

So how do we open our businesses, and support them with our patronage without risking undoing everything we’ve achieved?

It’s easier than you think!

Every business is required to have a displayed safety plan in place, which provides the criteria around maintaining distance, proper sanitation and hygiene for facilities and staff, sanitization of products, and updated business practices.

Our business owners rely on people just like you to save their sales; nobody is going to try harder to make sure every patron is comfortable than they are. If you have any additional questions or concerns about how BC businesses are re-opening responsibly, you can discover more info here.